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Four-year Program: Fall 2017 Course 5 Retreat

Encountering the Hero Within
Role-Modeling Imagery: The Fast Track
to Self-Transformation

Day-long retreat with Geri Loizzo and Mary Reilly Nichols

The class retreat, taught by Geri Loizzo and Mary Reilly-Nichols, explores the transformational practice of role-modeling heroic altruism in the Tibetan Buddhist and Kashmiri Shaivite traditions. Known for their healing arts of imagery and recitation, these potent methods rely on an intimate mentoring bond, accelerating the alchemical process of relearning that we as human mammals are keenly designed for. Unpacking the developmental internalization and self-creation that both traditions assume, the instructors explore the ancient practices of imagery and affirmation based on the Healing Mother (Arya-Tara) and the Bliss Hero (Shiva). Meditation and Yoga are woven throughout the retreat.

This retreat is open to all whether or not you've taken prior Four-Year Program classes.

***Please wear comfortable clothing for ease of movement and bring a yoga mat if you own one.

An associated course precedes this retreat which may be taken separately. Course details may be found here.


Instructors: Geri Loizzo and Mary Reilly Nichols

Schedule: Saturday, December 16 from 10am–5pm

Location: Tibet House US, 22 West 15th Street (between Fifth and Sixth Avenues)

Tuition: $80

Registration: Register here or pay at the door.

Arya Tara