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mindful families program

Attention, Empathy, and Creativity Skills for Children and their Families

A workshop with Mindful Families faculty
Bart van Melik, M.A. and Sonia Sequeira, Ph.D.

Thanks to the discovery of neuroplasticity, we now know that our brains are literally sculpted by habits of mind and action, and that attention, executive function, social self-regulation, and imagination can be easily and effectively trained. Mindfulness and yoga have been shown to be among the most potent ways to induce brain plasticity and enhance all aspects of cognitive and emotional self-mastery.

In an experiential learning format for children and their families, facilitators Bart van Melik and Sonia Sequeira introduce three skill sets in a 2 hour family circle: mindfulness and focus skills, empathy and dialogue skills, movement, breathing, and creativity skills.

This workshop is open to children 6-12 years old accompanied by their parents or caregivers, including children with attention challenges and learning differences.

Photo of Bart van Melik, Sonia Sequeira, and participating families in an earlier workshop. Photo by Darren Ornitz.


Instructors: Bart van Melik and Sonia Sequeira

Workshop Date: Sunday, October 1st

Schedule: 12 noon – 2:00pm

Location: Tibet House US, 22 West 15th Street (between Fifth and Sixth Avenues)

Tuition: $25 per person (each parent and each child)

Registration: Register via Tibet House