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Course 8 retreat: sustainable Happiness, Spring 2017

Communing with One and All:
Making All Well with Love’s Body of Light

Final retreat in the Four-Year Program in Sustainable Happiness
with Dr. Pilar Jennings and Dr. Joe Loizzo


This retreat immerses participants in the blissful art of communing with life that is the culmination of the whole gradual path of contemplative healing preserved in India and Tibet. Once we've envisioned a heroic dream self and life, tapped into our neural network of bliss, and tasted the innate wisdom of ecstatic openness, we're finally ready to start upgrading our human body and mind into the perfect instrument of inspiration and clarity we need to commune with our loved ones and all life unconditionally.

Practically, this retreat focuses on the fine art of dissolving and transforming our mind-body process into a spirt-form of pure passion and a cosmic mind of bliss-openness, based on the Tibetan Buddhist practice of the Time Machine (Kalachakra). Participants will learn how the deep visceral states and traits of wellbeing unlocked by this art are harnessed to unlearn traumatic habits, disarm reactive instincts, and commune freely and creatively with others and the world we share.

Prerequisites: some familiarity with mindfulness, loving-kindness, yoga, and/or an openness to the path of self-healing and self-transformation. This class is open to all who meet the prerequisites, whether or not you’ve taken previous Four-Year Program courses.

The course that precedes this retreat may be found here.


Instructors: Pilar Jennings and Joe Loizzo

Schedule: Saturday, April 15 from 10am – 5pm

Location: Tibet House US, 22 West 15th Street (between Fifth and Sixth Avenues)

Tuition: $80

Registration: Registration is through Tibet House