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social justice evening with nalanda institute

Contemplative Practice as Social Practice:
The Path to Inclusive Community

A meditation practice and panel discussion with Pilar Jennings,
Helen Park, Geri Loizzo, and moderated by Joe Loizzo


[video documentation below]


Join us for a rich conversation on how we can use the insights and tools of our practice to cultivate social awareness and engagement; and to build a truly inclusive community and world. If we go deeper, we can see that the current political climate is a result of long standing collective karma, and that true social change involves a closer look at the causes and conditions that persist within our own personal psyches.

As reverend angel Kyodo williams said when she visited our community last October, “You need to look inside yourself.”

Deconstructing where we are and who we are provides the deep internal work needed to engage more openly and truthfully with others.

Please come out for what has the potential to be an open, honest, and compassionate discussion together!

Panel members: Dr. Pilar Jennings, Helen Park and Geri Loizzo

Moderator: Dr. Joe Loizzo

When: Thursday, April 27th from 7–9pm

Location: Tibet House US

Suggested donation: $20


Documentation of the evening:

Panel discussion:


Closing meditation: