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Four-year sustainable happiness Program: spring 2018

Becoming Your Own Therapist: Contemplative Psychology for Everyday Life

Course Two in the four-year Sustainable Happiness Program with Dr. Miles Neale.

Please join us in person in NYC, via Study-at-Home or via Live Streaming


Mind is the single most crucial variable in determining the quality of our experience, either happiness or suffering, and yet our modern institutions have largely failed to prepare us for how to live a contented life. The second course of Nalanda Institute’s four-year Sustainable Happiness Program — our “College for Contemplative Living” — empowers you to become your own therapist with insights and skills drawn from both ancient Buddhist psychology as well as current developments in interpersonal neurobiology. Explore how the mind, brain and nervous system function to create states of distress and ease; the relationship between karma and trauma; the nature of perception and self-construction; and how to cultivate insight, emotional balance and neural integration.

As for practice, the course places mindfulness meditation back into its traditional Buddhist context and guides you through the gradual, five-step methodology outlined in the ancient Nalanda tradition: positive motivation, analytic reflection, focused contemplation, discursive learning, and practical application. When mindfulness is combined with self-analysis, ethics, deep-breathing and loving-kindness, you’ll have a comprehensive toolkit designed for self-healing, liberating insight and life-change.

All levels welcome, even if you have not taken the first course. This course culminates with a Saturday retreat.

A day-long retreat is scheduled at the end of the course on Saturday, April 14th which may be taken separately. Retreat details may be found here.

Instructor: Miles Neale

Schedule: Monday evenings from 7–9pm EST

Course Dates: March 5, 12, 19, 26; April 2, 9.

Tuition: $25 per session or $135 for all six classes (Entitles students to the class page with handouts, syllabus, and downloadable audio of all classes.)

Registration: Register here or pay at the door.

Location: Tibet House US, 22 West 15th Street (between Fifth and Sixth Avenues)

Exciting new streaming on online learning options to be announced shortly.