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Self-Analytic Meditation

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February 6, Class 3: Healing the Relative: Voidness as Life

February 20, Class 4: All-Dissolving Analysis: The Four Keys

February 27, Class 5: All-Inclusive Equipoise: Non-Dual Insight

March 6, Class 6: Void Appearance: Wisdom Embodied

March 13, Class 7: Affirmation and Vision: The Quick Path

March 20, Class 8: Invoking Blessings: Mentor Yoga

March 27, Class 9: Daily Practice: Dispelling All Demons

April 3, Class 10: Mentor and Spirit: Ordinary Mindfulness

April 10, Class 11: Divine Body and Mind: Extraordinary Mindfulness

April 17, Class 12: Ecstatic Clarity: The Great Seal


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