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Public Teaching

We offer a range of One-Time Events, Fall and Spring classes, and a Four Year Program in Sustainable Happiness. For more, see all of our course offerings.

Private Counseling and Mentoring

We offer private counseling, coaching, temporary sponsorship and step-work for individuals, couples and families. For more, see all of our counseling options.

Online Learning

We offer online support for contemplative learning and practice, including: guided meditation audio files in MP3 format, podcasts of prior classes, guided visualization scripts and images and a web directory. For more, visit our Resource Library.

Translations and Publications

We offer textual support for contemplative learning and practice, including: translated meditation texts, scholarly and scientific articles on contemplative science and self-healing, class workbooks and textbooks. For more, visit our Resource Library.

Professional Supervision and Teacher Training

We offer individual and group supervision for health, business and non-profit professionals, teacher training for lay and professional instructors.

Clinical Research

In partnership with the Weill Cornell Center for Integrative Medicine, we conduct clinical research to study the efficacy of contemplative interventions in reducing stress and enhancing positive health in a range of conditions like cancer, heart disease and mood disorders. For more information, visit our Clinical Research page or see Clinical Research articles in our Resource Library.

benefit panel at tibet house

Robert Thurman, Paul Fulton,
Jeffery Rubin and Joe Loizzo discuss the convergence of Buddhist and
Western psychology at the First Nalanda Institute Benefit