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Based on a timeless teaching tradition, Nalanda Institute offers a scientific approach to contemplative living meant to help you find your way to sustainable inner peace in today’s stressful world.

Of all human cultures, India most clearly saw the need to make an art and science of contemplation. The beacon of this vision, the world’s first university at Nalanda evolved a rare tradition of teaching the contemplative arts and sciences to a lay mainstream involved in the everyday world.

At Nalanda Institute, we’ve translated this tradition into vital fields in modern science, to help you quickly grasp the logic of contemplative living. Yet we firmly believe that the best way to master the maps and tools of contemplative science is by following time-tested teaching traditions.

Nalanda’s offerings cover the whole spectrum of traditional teachings, opening doors to contemplative learning in a range of styles and formats suited to our busy minds and lives.

We combine an array of one-time events—open meditations, talks and retreats; fall and spring classes; and a step-by-step, four year program—with individual counseling, coaching and mentoring, to help you gradually master the insights and skills you need on your journey to contemplative living.

joe loizzo and miles neale

Assistant Director Miles Neale and Director Joe Loizzo at Tibet House US.