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Course Offerings

Online Learning

For students living at a distance or time-challenged, we offer online learning support that helps people do more with less.

Virtual Student Options

Those unable to make current retreats or classes can register as a virtual student for current retreats or classes. Registration includes access to all learning materials, podcasts posted after each retreat or class and a phone tutorial with the instructor. To register, contact us.

Online Support

Those with prior meditation and yoga experience who cannot register as an actual or virtual student for live events or classes but would like online support for your contemplative study and practice can access a range of learning aids in our Resource Library. These include:

  • a selection of archived courses with syllabi, podcasts and other study materials.
  • translated meditation texts.
  • audio files of guided meditations in MP3 format.
  • scripts and images for visualization.
  • class workbooks and textbooks.
  • scholarly and scientific articles on contemplative science, meditation and psychotherapy, etc.
  • a directory of web resources for meditation.

A Note to Beginners

If you are new to meditation and yoga, we strongly advise that you get some live instruction before trying to meditate or practice yoga on your own. If this is impossible, you can set up an initial interview or extended tutorial by phone. To schedule an interview, contact us.