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Four-Year Program in Sustainable Happiness

Year One: The Body Wheel and the Sphere of Self-Healing

The first year introduces beginners to the basic insights, skills and life-strategies of personal self-analysis and self-healing.

Fall Class

Grounds for Contemplative Life, the first class of the Four-Year Program in Sustainable Happiness covers the basic self-healing insights called the four noble truths, along with the four scopes of mindfulness practice and the life-strategy of accepting reality, breaking free of compulsions and liberating good will.

Winter Retreat

Deep Mindfulness: Breaking the Cycle of Stress and Trauma, reviews the basic power-tool of deep mindfulness, tailored to the stresses of daily life in the world.

Spring Class

Finding the Therapist Within, covers the basic science of how the mind and nervous system work in compulsive life, on the path of contemplative healing and in the healthy state of sustainable freedom and happiness.

Spring Retreat

Freeing Insight: Mastering the Liberative Art of Self-Analysis, reviews the basic art of guiding inclusive mindfulness with analysis of the five mind/body systems, twelve sensory media and eighteen elements of perception.

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The Healing Mentor, Bhaishajya