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Four-Year Program in Sustainable Happiness

Year Two: The Speech Wheel and the Sphere of
Social Engagement

Year Two introduces beginning students to the intermediate insights, skills and life-strategies of social self-analysis and proactive social engagement.

The Fall Class

The Way to Real Happiness covers the basic science and art of contemplative living, prompting students to mindfully revise their familiar personal, social and cultural ways of being to spark the lifelong development of an optimal healthy life.

The Winter Retreat

Self-Analysis: Disarming the Traumatized, Childhood Self reviews the intermediate art of combining deep mindfulness and concentration with analytic insight to expose the self-reifying instinct that anchors traumatic memories and stress-reactive habits.

The Spring Class

Social Emotional Kung Fu covers the intermediate practice of clearing the mind of traumatic self-indulgence and building a mature self of proactive engagement through cultivating wise compassion and reversing the flow of give and take with the world.

The Summer Retreat

Social Engagement: Embodying Wise Compassion reviews the intermediate art of embodying wise compassion through combining self-analysis with interactive role-modeling imagery, based on the seven step practice of invoking and bonding with the Healing Mentor/ Mother.


white tara

The Healing Mother, White Tara