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Four-Year Program in Sustainable Happiness

Year Three: The Mind Wheel and the Sphere of Cultural Transformation

The third year introduces intermediate students to the advanced, high-performance insights, skills and life-strategies of cultural self-creation through integral role-modeling imagery and affirmations.

The Fall Class

Encountering the Hero Within covers the intermediate-advanced art of self-transformation through role-modeling imagery, affirmation and euphoric states, based on the integral yoga of embodying the union of Sheer Brilliance with Ecstatic Wisdom.

The Winter Retreat

Mentor-Bonding: Mastering the Union of Blissful Openness reviews the intermediate-advanced art of personifying and embodying blissful openness, based on the integral role-modeling practice of bonding with a congenial mentor-archetype.

The Spring Class

The Hero's Journey covers the advanced art of self-creation based on the practice of revising limiting life-narratives and self-images in line with the congenial narrative imagery of the Healing Mentor/ Mother.

The Summer Retreat

The Great Seal: Marrying the Universe in Rainbow Clarity reviews the advanced art of merging ecstatic clarity with blissful openness as a vehicle for congenial self-creation, based on the optimal integral practice of inspired communion.


Sheer Brilliance, Manjushri