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Four-Year Program in Sustainable Happiness

Year Four: The Bliss Wheel and the Sphere of
Natural Integration

Introduces advanced students to the high-performance insights, skills and life-strategies of natural self-transformation through tapping and harnessing the natural high of euphoric energy and chemistry.

The Fall Class

Channeling Inner Fire covers the advanced art and science of uncovering and tapping the neural network of internal reward, based on optimal integral practice of breath-holding, kindling and channeling euphoric energy and chemistry.

The Winter Retreat

Living with Inner Fire reviews the art of pot-belly breathing and helps advanced students get a feel for how to harness the flow of blissful openness to sustain a proactive way of being in the world. 

The Spring Class

Embodying Passion and Light covers the ultimate practice of self-analysis inspired by the sublimation of blissful openness aroused within a congenial mentoring bond, imagined intimacy, real intimacy or communion with the universe as partner.

The Summer Retreat

Transparency and Integration reviews the art of congenial intimacy and its consummation in communion with the universe, helping advanced students get a feel for how to sublimate sensual openness to fuel ecstatic clarity and integration. 


Sheer Diamond, Manjuvajra