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Counseling & Mentoring


People who want a more contemplative life today face an overwhelming array of approaches and methods from a whole range of cultural traditions. Even those lucky enough to find a congenial approach, promising method or reliable tradition still face the challenges of building a practice into their complex lives and learning to make it actually work.

At Nalanda, we offer counseling to help individuals, couples and families to find the contemplative insights and skills best suited to their aims and needs, and to gradually learn to understand, practice and apply them to change the course of their everyday lives. 

  • Counseling may be as short as one or two sessions, or may continue for months or years. It may involve personal tutoring in contemplative principles and practices, or may enhance group classes by helping people apply insights and skills directly to what hurts in their own minds and lives. It may stand alone as an aid to health education and self-healing, or it may complement conventional psychotherapy and medical care.
  • Counseling is usually in person but works equally well by phone.
  • Fees vary based on the counselor’s experience and on the individual’s ability to pay.
  • All of our faculty offer contemplative counseling, depending on their availability.
  • To set up an interview, please contact us.

Sheer Brilliance, Manjushri