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Sponsoring & Step-Work

While the abstinence and sobriety fostered by twelve-step recovery runs counter to the addictive mainstream of modern secular society, it is deeply aligned with the culture and lifestyle of contemplative living taught within the Nalanda tradition. 

As part of the growing confluence of Indic self-healing traditions with the self-help programs of modern recovery, we at Nalanda offer temporary sponsoring for people in crisis and/or help integrating the twelve steps with Indian and Tibetan methods of contemplative self-analysis and lifestyle change.  

  • Temporary sponsoring and integrative step-work may involve one or two sessions on particular steps or ongoing collaboration over a number of months or years. 
  • Meetings must be in person.
  • Fees vary based on the temporary sponsor’s experience and the individual’s ability to pay.
  • Faculty who provide temporary sponsoring and integrative step-work include: Dr. Joe Loizzo, Art Greenberg and Emily Wolf.
  • To set up an interview, please contact us.

The early Buddhist Saint Kankavatsa personifies the ideal of perfect renunciation