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Counseling & Mentoring


In the Nalanda tradition of training and supervising contemplative teachers, healers and guides, we offer individual and group supervision for psychotherapists and other health providers who want to integrate contemplative insights and skills into their professional development and clinical work.

Individual supervision

  • Individual supervision may involve a brief one or two session consultation, or may be ongoing for months or years.
  • Individual meetings are usually in person but work equally well by phone.
  • Fees vary based on the supervisor’s experience and on the supervisee’s ability to pay.
  • To set up an initial interview, please contact us.

Group supervision

  • Group supervision involves monthly, two hour meetings, is based on experiential learning and case-discussion, and includes structured readings and group discussion of how to integrate contemplative insights, skills and life-strategies into participants’ personal and professional practice.
  • To set up an initial interview or join a group supervision, contact us.

Nagarjuna with Maitripa, Gunaprabha
and Naropa