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The Nalanda Institute Mindful Business Program offers a complete, pragmatic approach for individuals and organizations to reduce work stress, optimize performance, and increase the engagement and fulfillment of talent through sustainable human development. Core to all our offerings is the contemplative insight that our true strength comes not from external assets or power over others, but rather from internal assets and power over our own mind-brain state

Using the science of brain integration, we explore the power of mindful self-mastery, and practice proven techniques to enhance and sustain effectiveness.  Applying systems theory and the science of social engagement, we access the power of group coherence, and teach proven methods to optimize organizational excellence.

Who is it For?

  • Forward-thinking business leaders and organizations seeking to create greater ease for themselves and/or better returns through enhanced executive management teams and employee engagement.
  • HR professionals seeking to reduce stress and health care costs, while increasing individual and team effectiveness.
  • Individuals at any level of an organization looking to improve performance, enhance collaboration, and maximize job fulfillment.


Marrying the time-tested tools of contemplative science with the pragmatic demands of business today, the Nalanda Institute Mindful Business Program offers accessible, welcome, and powerful tools to foster excellence, inspire greatness, and sustain ease and well-being at work.

Our offerings help businesses address the pervasive, insidious costs of sub-optimal management of self and others. With personal stress and burnout at its highest point in 30 years, employee engagement levels below 30% across all continents, stress-related healthcare expense costing American businesses $300 billion annually, and the escalating pace of information exchange, multi-tasking, and global business complexity, it's time to consider proven, innovative approaches and tools. Specific benefits include:

  • Reduced stress on individuals and organizations
  • Reduced healthcare costs through improved wellness
  • Enhanced leadership through greater clarity, authentic connections and resilience
  • Improved team performance
  • Higher employee engagement and performance (yielding better customer satisfaction and reduced errors)

Program Offerings

Our fourfold offerings teach the mind science and mind-training skills individuals and businesses need to reduce stress, increase engagement and effectiveness, inspire sustainable leaders, and grow high-performance business teams.

  • Public workshops, weekend immersions, and multi-day retreats
  • Three to nine month weekend/online interactive intensives
  • On-site programs of 4-weeks, full-day, and half-day durations
  • Custom programs for off-sites, HR initiatives, wellness aims, and talent development
  • Mindfulness-based executive coaching

Our Team

Elazar Aslan, M.B.A., Senior Executive Coach and Program Director

Joe Loizzo, M.D., Ph.D., Consultant and Nalanda Institute Executive Director

Visiting Faculty for custom programs


Please visit our News and Events page to review our current public offerings. Or for more information about on-site programs, please contact us.