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Nalanda Institute for Mindful Families

Contemplative programs for children and their families


There is a growing need for alternatives to the alarming rise in diagnostic labels and drug treatment of our childrens' learning challenges and developmental differences. Given the discovery that the brain is plastic and can be reshaped, parents and professionals are increasingly turning to proven alternatives to help kids and teens overcome challenges by learning new insights and skills to meet the demands of school, family, and social life.

The Nalanda Institute Mindful Families Program assumes that all children develop differently, that their differences often challenge families and schools, and that what they think, say, and do every day is more crucial to their healthy development than any expert intervention or medicine can ever be. Applying the new science of brain plasticity and neural differences, we offer an integrative approach that teaches children and parents contemplative practices like yoga, Tai Chi, and mindfulness, proven to help build attention and personal self-mastery. Employing the new neuroscience of emotion and brain integration, we also teach children and parents practices of compassion training and positive imagery, proven to enhance empathy, engagement, and social self-mastery.

Who is it For?

  • Children with attention challenges, social challenges, and learning differences along with their families
  • Parents seeking a more contemplative way of life for their children and themselves
  • Educators and learning specialists seeking alternatives to medical labels and pills
  • Caregivers and therapists seeking to integrate mindful alternatives into their practice


Combining timeless contemplative science and traditional healing with the latest breakthroughs in developmental psychology and brain science, the Nalanda Institute Mindful Families Program teaches a complete spectrum of accessible practices that increase attention, expand working memory, build executive function, and cultivate emotional regulation, empathy, and social engagement.

Our offerings introduce children, parents, teachers, and caregivers to sorely needed alternatives to address the epidemic rise and inexorable risks and limits of conventional treatments for developmental challenges in attention, social adjustment, and learning differences.

Beyond helping children and parents live and learn in greater awareness, acceptance, and ease, our offerings are also designed to help teachers and schools find sustainable ways of helping children build their strengths and overcome challenges that stem from differences in development and learning styles.

Program Offerings

Our five main offerings teach proven insights and skills that work together to empower children, families, teachers, and caregivers to find healthy alternatives to labels and pills, and to develop the attention, engagement, imagination, and positive energy they need to thrive and learn in our distraction-driven digital age.

  • Gateway educational assessment with clinical interview and feedback for children, families, teachers, and caregivers
  • Multi-Disciplinary Expert Panel on Mindful Alternatives for schools, community centers, clinical settings
  • Four-Week Doorways Program introduces children and families to mindfulness, empathy, positive imagery, and sound yoga movement and breathing skills
  • Four-Week Intensive Program helps children and families individualize skills, consolidate practice, and cultivate mastery
  • Weekend Retreat Immersion helps children and families galvanize a more contemplative way of living

Our Team

Geri Loizzo, Program Developer

Stephan Cowan, M.D., developmental pediatrician and medical acupuncturist

Shaun Nanavati, Ph.D., specializing in neuropsychological assessment

Sonia Sequeira, Ph.D., neuroscientist and sound-yoga instructor

Bart van Melik, MA, mindfulness instructor


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