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Program details — new york

Eligibility and Tuition

Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Nurses, Physicians, Creative Arts Therapists, Educators, and other professionals in the helping professions are encouraged to apply.

Preference may be given to those who are established in their clinical practice, who have had at least some exposure to meditative practices, and who wish to deepen their awareness of contemplative-based practices and their clinical applications. Students currently in professional training are also welcome to apply.

According to the Nalanda teaching tradition, this training can be entered in either year. For those wishing to enter the program in Year Two, acceptance is contingent on applicants’ professional experience and on familiarity with Buddhist thought and mindfulness/yoga practice. Accepted applicants will be invited to attend a brief review course to prepare for the Year Two training. New participants that graduate from Year Two are invited to continue in the next cycle of Year One.


Tuition for in-person participation is currently $5,500 per year. Tuition for the distance learning (non-certificate) option is $4,500 per year. Tuition includes retreat expenses. A small number of scholarships and flexible payment options are available based on financial need.

Please note that no refunds or credits will be issued once classes begin on September 14, 2017.



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