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Year Two Curriculum — New york

Compassion-based Psychotherapy
and Social Transformation

Opening Retreat. Foundations of Mahayana: Entering the Universal Vehicle of Wisdom and Compassion

Faculty:  J. Loizzo, R. Thurman, M. Neale and E. Wolf

Retreat Foundational Topics include: Interdependence / Emptiness / Great Compassion (Bodhicitta)

Module 1. Transforming the Mind for Social Engagement

Primary Faculty expert: M. Neale

Additional Fall Faculty: J. Loizzo, R. Thurman, T. Brach, E. Wolf

Class topics include: Universal Vehicle of Wisdom and Compassion Buddhist Psychology / Analysis of the Seven-Point Mind-Clearing Text / Mind-Training Practice (Lojong) / Giving-and-Taking Practice (Tonglen) / The Social Science of Destructive and Pro-Social Emotions / Relevance to Interpersonal Neurobiology / Neuroscience and Research of Compassion and Altruism.

Intersession Retreat. Cognitive Behavioral Compassion Training (CBCT)

Faculty: L. T. Negi

Module 2. Role-Modeling Imagery and Embodied Openness for Self-Transformation

Primary Faculty expert: J. Loizzo

Additional Spring Faculty:R. Thurman, M. Neale, M. Caplan, P. Jennings, D. Fosha, S. Sequeira, M. Reilly-Nichols

Class topics include: Overview of Creation and Perfection Stages of Tantra / Mentor Role-Modeling / Subtle Body Science / Analysis of the Mentor-Bonding text / Role-Modeling and Mentor-Bonding Visualizations (Guru-Yoga) / Relevance to Self-Psychology / Neuroscience and Research of Visualization / Great Seal Practice of Radical Open-Mindedness and Blissful Neurochemistry (Mahamudra) / Subtle Body Science: Channels, Winds and Drops / Polyvagal Theory / Deep Affect Therapy

Meditation Practicum. Instruction and Supervision with Robert Thurman

This is taught throughout the year and meditations are reinforced at the beginning of each class meeting.



The Healing Mentor, Bhaishajya


“When I read about the program I could not believe that a program like this existed, it just seemed perfect for me. Now I have my first year certificate and it is a diploma that means a lot to me. The faculty is incredible, the readings very appropriate and manageable, and the group discussions very helpful. The program has helped me frame my private practice as a humanistic psychotherapist with a solid contemplative theoretical foundation. The program has also helped me develop a personal meditation practice and I now feel more confident teaching meditation techniques. I very much value the personal and professional connections I am making. Can't wait for next year.”

—Gabriela Rosales, MA.


“Nalanda's Contemplative Psychotherapy Certificate Program has been an incredibly enriching experience thus far. It has helped ground my meditation practice, and it has nourished me in many ways — intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally. I enjoy being part of a community of like-minded individuals, and I am excited to continue the journey during the second year of the program!”

—Erica Saccente MS,
    Psychiatric Nurse