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Putting Fortunes to Work

For the Nalanda tradition, wealth and celebrity can be as great an obstacle to contemplative living as poverty and misfortune. Indulgent pleasures and attention can be addictive and foster learned helplessness; and families and corporations often subordinate the health and happiness of the fortunate to the preservation of their capital or public image.

With the right guidance and support, fortunate individuals, couples and families who seek contemplative self-mastery, sober intimacy and lives that make a difference can learn to use their wealth and celebrity to transform rather than run from the suffering of the human condition.

Find Your Path for Putting Fortune to Work

a path in the woods

Inspired by the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths, our Find Your Path guides are designed to help you use your most pressing
life-challenge as a gateway for your healing journey to
a truly contemplative way
of living.