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Find Your Path

Meditation and Yoga

Calming arts like mindfulness meditation and basic yoga help build the foundation we need for a shift away from stress and trauma towards a life of healing awareness, well-being and purpose. To make this shift possible for lay people in the everyday world, Nalanda’s masters combined these calming arts with the active methods of mind-clearing, role-modeling imagery and inspiring breath-work. The result is a complete, step-wise system of contemplative insights, skills and life-strategies called the gradual path.

Find Your Path for Meditation and Yoga

Start a basic contemplative practice to help disarm stress and trauma in your own life and to build an experience-base for contemplative living and learning.

a path in the woods

Inspired by the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths, our Find Your Path guides are designed to help you use your most pressing
life-challenge as a gateway for your healing journey to
a truly contemplative way
of living.