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Find Your Path

Professional Development

Whether your career is in healthcare, business, academia or the non-profit world, Nalanda's timeless legacy can offer much needed guidance for developing more sustainable ways of being in today’s complex world.

At Nalanda, we combine individual supervision, coaching and mentoring with group classes in meditative insights and skills to help people find more contemplative ways of living and working tailored to their aims and needs.

Find Your Path for Professional Development

Learn the basic principles of contemplative self-healing and start a basic contemplative practice to help disarm stress and trauma in your own life and to build an experience-base for teaching patients or students, coaching clients or supervising employees.

More for Physical Health Providers

Learn more about the science of contemplative self-healing and start a practice of healing imagery and inspiring breath-work to help remove mind/body blocks and tap healing chemistry in your own life and work.

More for Mental Health Providers

Build a foundation for integrating contemplative science into your understanding and practice of psychotherapy by studying Buddhist Psychology.

More for Business and Non-Profit Professionals

Start learning the basic insights and skills of preparing the mind for proactive engagement and leadership.

a path in the woods

Inspired by the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths, our Find Your Path guides are designed to help you use your most pressing
life-challenge as a gateway for your healing journey to
a truly contemplative way
of living.