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Stress, Illness & Aging

Mounting research in stress-reduction, self-healing, longevity and optimal health confirms the insight of Indic contemplative science that the most preventable causes of disease are stress-reactive mental habits which imbalance the life-process and reinforce compulsive lifestyles. Since meditative insights and skills can help end such habits, contemplative learning and practice can help people access the ultimate medicine: our own inner wisdom and healing chemistry.

At Nalanda we offer counseling and classes in mind/body health to help people initiate and maintain healthy changes in mindset and lifestyle that can reduce stress, foster healing and longevity and promote optimal health.

Find Your Path to Stress-Reduction and Self-Healing

Start a basic contemplative practice to help reduce stress-reactivity, enhance natural healing and build a more sustainable way of life.

a path in the woods

Inspired by the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths, our Find Your Path guides are designed to help you use your most pressing
life-challenge as a gateway for your healing journey to
a truly contemplative way
of living.