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Sustainable Livelihood

People seeking a livelihood that supports contemplative living and learning are swimming against the mainstream of our market economy, corporate intuitions and professional guilds. Even those lucky enough to have a stable livelihood and work they enjoy must navigate the scarcity thinking, competitive culture and burn-out pace that drive our world.

At Nalanda, we offer individual coaching and group classes to help individuals find the creative vision, healing disciplines and alternative community they need to chart a path towards a sustainable way of living and working in today’s changing world.

Find Your Path for Sustainable Livelihood

Start a basic contemplative practice to help disarm stress and trauma in your own life and to build an experience-base for living and working sustainably.

a path in the woods

Inspired by the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths, our Find Your Path guides are designed to help you use your most pressing
life-challenge as a gateway for your healing journey to
a truly contemplative way
of living.