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As part of our mission to make the Nalanda tradition more widely accessible, we gathered a team of committed student-practitioners in 2008 to begin transcribing and editing prior Nalanda Institute courses on topics we believe will be indispensible to people building a contemplative life in today’s world.

Our team has now completed transcription of three prior classes:

  • Clearing the Mind, based on Chekawa's classic Seven Point Mind-Clearing,
  • The Highest Yoga Tantras, and
  • Buddhist Psychology: the Science and Art of Self-Healing;

and transcription on the forth class Foundations of Self-Healing and Contemplative Life has just begun.  Editing is well underway for the Clearing the Mind class and we hope that it will soon be ready to post as our first online textbook.

The Textbook Project was begun by three volunteers who combined an impressive wealth of experience with a serious commitment to refining their own learning while sharing the benefits of the Nalanda tradition with a larger audience. Since then, we’ve been blessed by a number of equally dedicated and gifted new team-members.

Project Director Rich Kennedy brings a decade of experience as an administrator for the US Public Health Service as well as years of serious contemplative study and practice in the Tibetan Buddhist Nyingma and Kagyu traditions.

Current editor Emily Wolf is a long time member of the Nalanda faculty who has generously begun to lend her remarkable gift as an editor to support our Textbook Project.

Maria Perez has 33 years as a registered nurse (25 of those years as a Nurse Entrepreneur - offering a holistic approach to the care management of individuals with traumatic injuries/illness); BSN from Hunter Bellevue; MPH in Health Policy & Management from Columbia University. Many years of Zen practice but inspired by the Dalai Lama teaching at Radio City June 2010, thus began Tibetan studies since then at Tibet House and Nalanda Institute.  

Yuria Celidwen has been discovering the art of space since childhood through the rooted and ethereal world of verse.  Her journey has had place for story, idea, dream, proverb and song. She picked a fable for herself, in which wolf and girl revel with the same wine of wet soil blooms. She feeds with the wind, the fire, the rain and runs through her the blood of an old birch tree.

Laura Pintchik was inspired to join the Textbook Project by her sincere interest and dedication to the teachings of the Buddha. She is new to Tibetan Buddhist studies and has found the programs and teachings that Nalanda Science offers to be supportive and enriching to her personal study. She owns a toy store in NYC where she lives with her husband and children.

As transcribers and editors come and go with life changes, there is now room for a few more volunteers on our team. So please do contact us if you may be interested.

Thank you to our past transcribers John Wenz and Kevin Strouse; and editor Sally Tittman for their generous contributions to the project.


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