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Translated Meditation Texts

Texts include traditional performance scripts, meditation manuals, devotional songs and other resource materials for meditation practice translated from the Tibetan and/or Sanskrit by Dr. Joe Loizzo.

Transforming the Mind in Seven Points: Geshe Chekhawa's Root Text

Full title: Clearing the Mind in Seven Points: A Translation of Pabongka's Annotated Edition and Topical Outline of the New Kadampa Version of Bodhisattva Chekawa's Root Text with a Contemporary Commentary.

This translation and commentary is meant to present Bodhisattva Checkawa's beloved text as a map for making the vital art of transforming the mind a complete map of contemplative living outside the monastery, including all three vehicles of Buddhist practice into a single path to freedom and enlightenment tailored to the demands of lay life in a stress-driven world. (pdf, 381k)

Clearing the Mind in Seven Points: New Kadam Root Text

This root text of Bodhisattva Chekawa’s beloved text on clearing the mind for everyday life is meant to help practitioners internalize its healing precepts through daily reading, reflection and/or recitation. The precepts are written in a pithy, down to earth style that makes them memorable enough that they spring to mind as pointers in everyday stress situations.

Please note that the authors name, Checkawa is spelled variously, “Checkawa” and “Chekhawa” in different contexts.(pdf, 41k)

Mentor Devotion by Losang Chokyi Gyaltsan

This text is a performance script for the visualization and recitation practice of Guru Yoga in the Gelukpa ("Yellow Hat") tradition of Je Tsong Khapa and the Dalai Lamas. (pdf, 72k)

The Victors' Highway by Losang Chokyi Gyaltsan

This text is a meditation manual for the integration of quiescence and transcendent insight in the Ganden/Kagyu tradition of great seal (mahamudra) practice. (pdf, 36k)

Praise for Manjushri

This text is widely used by all Tibetan schools to inspire learning and reflection in the contemplative arts and sciences as well as meditation on profound wisdom. It is thought to date back to Nalanda, whose legendary scholars, scientists and sages lived and worked under the partonage and protection of Manjushri. (pdf, 28k)


Sheer Brilliance, Manjushri