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Year One Curriculum — toronto

Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy
and Self-Healing


1. Foundations of Buddhism

Faculty and Visiting Lecturers: J. Loizzo, S. Salzberg, R. Thurman, M. Neale

Retreat Foundation topics include: Four Noble Truths / Dependent Origination / Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Classes topics include: Buddhism: Historical and Philosophical Developments / Lam Rim Outlines: A Distinctive Tibetan Approach

2. Buddhist Psychology: An Ancient Science of Mind

Faculty and Visiting Lecturers: J. Loizzo, E. Nichtern, R. Thurman, A. Engle

Class topics include: Classical Abhidharma and Buddhist Psychology / Mind and Mental Factors / Karma / Life Systems: Body, Sensations, Perception, Emotion and Consciousness / Self and Selflessness / Defining Mental Illness and Optimal Health

3. Clinical Applications of Mindfulness:
Mechanisms of Change and Effects

Faculty and Visiting Lecturers: D. Rozelle, E. Olivio, J. Kaplan, I. Kemperman, J. Loizzo, M. Fayne, S. Nanavati, Koshi Paley Ellison

Class topics include: Treatment of Mood Disorders and MBCT / Treatment of Anxiety Disorders and MBSR / Treatment of Personality Disorders and DBT / Treatment of Addictions and Relapse Prevention MBRP / Treatment of ADHD and Working with Kids / Working with Illness, Death and Dying / Treatment of Eating Disorders / Working with Trauma

4. Neuroscience of Meditation:
Brain Effects and Review of the Research

Faculty and Visiting Lecturers: R. Hansen, Z. Josipovic, D. Seigel

Class topics include: Neuroscience of Awakening / Meditation and the Brain / Interpersonal Neurobiology

5. Buddhism and Psychotherapy:
Similarities, Differences, and Attempts at Integration

Faculty and Visiting Lecturers: J. Rubin, M. Neale, P. Jennings

Class topics include: Dissonance Between Meditation and Psychotherapy / Relationships in Buddhism and Psychotherapy / Meditative Therapy / Working with Transference and Countertransference / Spiritual Bypassing / Teaching Meditation in Clinical Context / Healing the Selfless Self 

6. Meditation Practicum: Instruction & Supervision
with Sharon Salzberg

This is taught periodically throughout the year and is reinforced at the beginning of each class meeting.



The Healing Mentor, Bhaishajya