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Year Two Curriculum — Toronto

Compassion-based Psychotherapy
and Social Transformation

Opening Retreat. Foundations of Mahayana: Entering the Universal Vehicle of Wisdom and Compassion

Faculty:  J. Loizzo, R. Thurman, M. Neale and E. Wolf

Retreat Foundational Topics include: Interdependence / Emptiness / Great Compassion (Bodhicitta)

Module 1. Transforming the Mind for Social Engagement

Primary Faculty expert: M. Neale

Additional Fall Faculty: J. Loizzo, R. Thurman, R. Davidson, and M. Epstein.

Class topics include: Analysis of the Seven-Point Mind-Clearing Text / Mind-Training Practice (Lojong) / Giving-and-Taking Practice (Tonglen) / The Social Science of Destructive and Pro-Social Emotions / Relevance to Interpersonal Neurobiology / Neuroscience and Research of Compassion and Altruism

Intersession Retreat. Entering the Process Vehicle of Creative Visualization and Subtle Body Work

J. Loizzo, R. Thurman, M. Neale and E. Wolf

Overview of Creation and Perfection Stages of Tantra / Mentor Role-Modeling / Subtle Body Science

Module 2. Role-Modeling Imagery for Self-Transformation

Primary Faculty expert: P. Jennings

Additional Winter Faculty: J. Loizzo, R. Thurman, M. Neale.

Class topics include: Analysis of the Mentor-Bonding text / Role-Modeling and Mentor-Bonding Visualizations (Guru-Yoga) / Relevance to Self-Psychology / Jungian Analysis /Narrative therapy / Neuroscience and Research of Visualization

Module 3. Embodied Openness for Deep Integration

Primary Faculty expert: J. Loizzo

Additional Winter Faculty: P. Jennings, R. Thurman, D. Fosha, E. Thompson, M. Reilly-Nichols.

Class topics include: Analysis of a Great Seal text/ Great Seal Practice of Radical Open-Mindedness and Blissful Neurochemistry (Mahamudra) / Subtle Body Science: Channels, Winds and Drops / Relevance to Philosophy of Mind / Embodied Cognition / Polyvagal Theory / Deep Affect Therapy

Meditation Practicum. Instruction and Supervision with Robert Thurman

This is taught throughout the year and meditations are reinforced at the beginning of each class meeting.




The Healing Mentor, Bhaishajya