Mindful Business and Leadership Program

Boundless Leadership Program

Develop a way of living and working with less stress, more engagement, and greater meaning and purpose


Boundless Leadership is a comprehensive accessible path for anyone looking to have more clarity, ease, connection and confidence in their personal and professional life. We believe leadership is not about any specific role, new set of ideas or skills to influence others. It is a fundamental shift in our way of being that will yield transformational change not just for you individually, but also for all those whose lives you touch.

The Book

The Boundless Leadership program is also mapped out in an acclaimed new book, Boundless Leadership: The Breakthrough Method to Realize Your Vision, Empower Others & Ignite Positive Change, published by Shambhala Publications and distributed by Penguin Random House. The book is the 2022 Gold winner of the prestigious Nautilus Award in Business & Leadership, was named Top Five Compassionate Leadership Books of 2021 and was selected by Next Big Idea Club’s list of books we can’t wait to read this winter.

Praise for Boundless Leadership:

“A breathtakingly original approach to leadership, both practical and visionary.”
— Daniel Goleman. Author, Emotional Intelligence

“Insights, wisdom, scientific evidence, and practical advice they need to become the leaders they hope and want to be.”
— Katherine J. Klein. Vice-Dean, The Wharton School

“A road map to change — blending the heart, mind and body.”
— Sharon Salzberg. Author of Lovingkindness and Real Change

“Necessary and advanced approach to self-development and leadership.”
— Brad D. Smith. (Former) CEO and Executive Chairman, Intuit


  • More clarity in decision making
  • Greater connection with colleagues
  • Turning your inner critic into an inner coach
  • Managing others with more confidence
  • Greater purpose and meaning in your work and life

Who Is This Program For?

Self-leadership is not about a specific role or function, it is about how we carry ourselves and move in the world with other people. The transformational path laid out in this course appeals to a wide variety of people across all levels of management – from C-level to team leader – within for profit and nonprofit organizations. The course also draws many HR professionals and coaches looking for new ways to support people. But what makes the course interesting is the diversity of the cohort which has included retirees, engineers and artists.

What People Are Saying

“This course is a transformative journey from your core to your outer shell, in which you have the opportunity to learn, practice and live out who you are as a leader, from a space of confidence, clarity and compassion. ”
— Victoria F.

“I took the class because I was feeling stuck in my career and uninspired… I have a renewed sense of how I can uniquely be the type of leader I want to be, and I feel optimistic about the future. I have an ongoing framework for dealing with obstacles that I can put into practice daily. And, it’s also a tremendous value for the investment.”
— Nicole F.

“The science groundwork is fascinating, the practice absorbing, the partner work galvanizing, and the interior work gives me confidence to approach any new situation skillfully.”
— Vimukti A.


Module 1. Preparing the Ground – Setting Intentions for Change

Exploring our individual challenges and vision, and clearing up misconceptions about meditation and embodied methods, we set our intentions for the program and begin our journey to Boundless Leadership together.

Module 2. Discipline of Mind – Showing Up at Our Best

In this module we learn to make better decisions by training in the qualities of presence, balance, unbiased awareness and discernment and building our competency for clarity and the trait of self-awareness.

Module 3. Discipline of Heart – Leading Others to Excellence

In this module we use the new science and practices to develop compassion, the basis for authentic engagement, by building the qualities of empathy, resilience, engagement and inspiration that promote social equity lead through trust.

Module 4. Discipline of Body – Embodying Fearlessness

Leading fearlessly requires re-envisioning our self-image and purpose, revising our story as leaders, then grounding these in natural flow and fearless embodiment to rewire the unconscious networks and energies through which our bodies and minds impact others.

Module 5. Moving Forward – Turning States into Traits

Supported by a peer community, we set our own personal plan, focus on bringing practice into our daily lives, refine our intentions and commitments, and strengthen our resolve to positively impact the world as boundless leaders.

Course Format and Requirements

Students meet weekly for 1.5 hour live online meetings. Outside of class students are expected to meditate daily for 10 to 15 minutes and complete 30 minutes to an hour per week of assigned reading and/or watching video instruction. Readings, videos and guided meditations are all available via the student website which is available for one year after the end of the class.


The Boundless Leadership program is traditionally taught as a live online 6-month comprehensive course. Each week students meet online for an hour and a half for meditation, group discussion and Q&A. Outside of class students have access to a dedicated website in which to watch recorded lectures, use guided meditations and access readings.

The 6-month program starts towards the end of January/early February.

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Custom Programming

Custom workshops and retreats are also available to meet the specific training needs of companies and organizations. We offer 90-minute, half-day, full-day sessions on a variety of topics, such as: Making Better Decisions, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Empowered Responsibility, Authentic Engagement, Peak Performance Under Pressure, Boundless Teams.

To inquire about custom programming please contact Rahshaana Green at rahshaana@nalandainstitute.org


Nalanda Institute Founder and Academic Director: Joe Loizzo, MD, PhD
Elazar Aslan, MBA, PCC


Please contact Elazar Aslan at elazar@nalandainstitute.org with any questions.

The course was amazing. The teachers broke this heavy learning down in a way that was easy to absorb. The group and leaders were all very supportive.

— Business executive, leadership retreat participant