Contemplative Psychotherapy Program

Contemplative Psychotherapy Toronto

Two-year training integrating time-tested mindfulness and compassion practices in Buddhist psychology with evidence-based western psychotherapy and neuropsychology.


The Toronto program is an online learning program for those residing both inside and out of the Toronto area. This program is a combination of live retreats and online learning and conferences.


The Toronto program begins each Spring with a 3-day weekend retreat hosted by our local partner, the Institute for Traditional Medicine (ITM) in Toronto, where Nalanda Institute Director Joe Loizzo provides intensive instruction. There are also two additional retreats at ITM lead by Joe or another of our core faculty.

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Semesters are comprised of watching weekly 3-hour videotaped classes from New York, weekly readings, and daily meditation practices, enhanced by five 2-hour zoom supervision meetings (including group discussion and guided meditation practice) with our Toronto program supervisor Marco Mascarin over the year. An annual concluding dinner celebrates classmates’ capstone projects.

Training tracks

There are two training tracks for the Toronto program: Certificate and Diploma.

Certificate: Those who complete all live retreats, in-person cohort meetings, online lectures, readings, daily meditations, assignments and capstone project are awarded Certificate of Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy for the Mindfulness Year and Certificate in Compassion-based Psychotherapy for the Compassion Year. It is not mandatory to complete both years, and one may apply separately for each.

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Diploma: Students interested in receiving the Diploma in Contemplative Psychotherapy are required to complete all of the Certificate requirements in addition to participating in live classes covering a comparative overview of fundamentals of psychotherapeutic theories and systems, relevant current diagnostic and treatment categories, human psychology and development throughout the life-span, ethics, jurisprudence and referrals, therapeutic relationship skills and boundaries, cultural and spiritual influences, and anti-oppression theories. Participants are required to complete both years of the program, and during the Compassion Year, at a supplemental cost to tuition participate in Clinical Case Studies and Supervision as well as complete all written assignments. The Diploma is designed to meet all the requirements mandated by the College of Psychotherapists and Mental Health Therapists of Ontario. Specific inquiries about the Diploma should be directed to: Marco Mascarin, PhD at:


Social workers, mental health counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, physicians, creative arts therapists, educators, yoga teachers, integrative health, and other professionals in the helping professions are encouraged to apply.

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Preference may be given to those who are established in their clinical practice, who have had at least some exposure to meditative practices, and who wish to deepen their awareness of contemplative-based practices and their clinical applications. Students currently in graduate-level professional training are also welcome to apply.


Please visit the Institute for Traditional Medicine website for tuition information.

Application information

Applications are not currently available. If you are interested in the Toronto Program in Contemplative Psychotherapy be sure to contact us.


Dr. Joe Loizzo,

Graduates of Toronto’s Contemplative Psychotherapy Program with Marco Mascarin and Miles Neale.