Fellows Program Guidelines


Our application period has ended for the 2019 season. Thank you for your interest. Fellows to be announced sometime in October 2019.


If you are a graduate of one or more of our training programs—Contemplative Psychotherapy, CBRT Teacher Training, Meditation Teacher Training, Yoga, Mind & Spirit Training—if you feel called to pursue your path with Nalanda Institute, and if you have a community initiative, research study, or new program in mind, please read the additional guidelines below and do fill out an application. As an expression of their shared commitment to this vision, our board has offered a matching grant of $50,000, meant in part to seed this program. Awards in this first year will range from $5,000-$10,000 and involve an initial stipend to be be enhanced at the completion of project specific aims and objectives.

We live in a world on the verge of a great historic transition—from a self-centric, survival-based culture of competition to an other-centric, thriving-based culture of inclusive community.

If you want to help lead the change we need, and are committed to helping Nalanda Institute expand its reach and impact to more diverse individuals and communities locally and globally, please apply to become a Fellow!

Project Guidelines

Applicants must be a graduate of one or more of Nalanda Institute’s training programs—Contemplative Psychotherapy, CBRT Teacher Training, Meditation Teacher Training and/or Yoga, Mind & Spirit Training.

Your proposed project should advance the understanding of, or access to contemplative learning and practice in the Nalanda Tradition, and its application to both individual and collective well-being. For example, offering CBRT to an underserved community, developing a new application of Contemplative Psychotherapy for an underserved population, or designing or implementing a contemplative science research project at a university or hospital. Each project must involve a step by step timeline for completion, related to its specific aims, methods, objectives and outcomes.

Awards will involve an initial stipend that may be enhanced by further awards on the completion of project specific goals. They will be predicated on the applicant providing clear measures of outcome or impact, meeting project goals and deliverables such as study completion or acceptance of a publication; as well as to contributing back to Nalanda Institute by offering project related presentations to our community, by adding project-related enhancements to existing Nalanda Institute programs, or by developing new programs.

Fellows will be assigned a mentor or mentors experienced in the field of outreach, research or application to which the project will contribute. The mentor will supervise, consult, and advocate for the Fellow and her project, involving colleagues when necessary or helpful, for the duration of the project.

The deadline to apply was September 15th, 2019. Our first fellow will be announced sometime in October 2019. Thank you for your interest.

Questions may be addressed to fellows@nalandainstitute.org