Fellows Program

The Program

As one of the few institutions with the proven curriculum and expertise to train the contemplative leaders our world needs today, Nalanda Institute is dedicated to helping insure that our graduates continue to deepen and apply what they’ve learned to the most pressing challenges of our age. In response to that urgent need, we have developed the Nalanda Institute Fellows Program, designed to support the ongoing research and professional development of committed graduates who show clear promise as future leaders in the emerging field of contemplative science and practice.

The Fellows Program aims to fill the crucial gap in our graduates’ development between graduation and the eventual practical application of all they learn into a dedicated career track and path of lifelong development. In addition to providing ongoing guidance, mentoring, supervision and community for our graduates, the Fellows Program is also meant to provide a vital avenue by which enterprising graduates can advance both their own career and the development of the Institute, through post-graduate research, program development, and/or community service.

2019–2020 Fellows

In the Fall of 2019, we were grateful to receive many strong applications from graduates who proposed creative ways to apply the Nalanda Institute curriculum to cutting edge research and outreach to underserved communities. Thanks to the generosity of our board and community, we are excited to announce the awards for our first four Nalanda Institute Fellows for 2019–2020.

Left to right: Ann Campbell, Priscilla Gillman, Maria Thorin

Ann H. Campbell, MSN, MPH, an occupational health nurse practitioner at Rockefeller University and graduate in Contemplative Psychotherapy, has gathered a group of scientists at Rockefeller to help design and conduct cutting edge research on the mechanisms and efficacy of our Compassion-Based Resilience Training for reducing social stress and its adverse impact on immunity.

Priscilla Gilman, PhD, an author on autism, literature professor at Yale Alumni College, and graduate of Meditation Teacher Training, will offer a contemplative self-care program integrating the Nalanda curriculum with poetry to parents of special needs children.

Maria Thorin, PhD (cand), a humanitarian aid worker, compassion researcher and graduate of CBRT Teacher Training, will develop a program offering live and online Compassion-Based Resilience Training in partnership with concerned international aid organizations to help prevent burnout and promote universal compassion in humanitarian aid workers.

Contact: fellows@nalandainstitute.org