As we transition to another new year, it seems as if our planet and humanity as a whole are locked into reliving nightmares of past harm and trauma. At Nalanda Institute, each of us is touched in different ways by the cycles of bias, reactivity and violence unfolding within our local communities and around the world. Yet we also have real reasons to feel gratitude in the present and hope for the future, given the deep healing, vibrant growth and embodied awakening we see in our students, faculty, and community day by day, year by year. 

We enter 2024 knowing that Nalanda Institute’s transformational programs and learning community are needed now more than ever. Over the last 15 years, we’ve seen the Institute’s hybrid curriculum awaken a deeper sense of humanity in thousands of graduates, who in turn have impacted countless others and the larger world we share. 

Yet we would not be able to continue to offer our life-changing programs, much less expand our reach, without the ongoing help and support of our incredibly generous board and community members like you. We rely on your generous donations to continue to offer extensive scholarships and free affinity groups, to support the groundbreaking work of our Nalanda Institute Fellows, to fund initiatives designed to expand our reach and impact, and to maintain all the human and technical infrastructure we need to sustain our transformational programs.

To learn more about the kind of impact your donation will have, we’re excited to share with you some representative stories of graduates working to humanize our troubled world, so you can get a personal feel for the ever-expanding waves of human awakening and belonging that are the vital essence of Nalanda Institute. The fact is this work is not possible without the generous support of altruistic community members like you.

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You may also send a check payable to “Nalanda Institute” to 300 Central Park West, Suite 1D, New York, NY 10024.

Student Stories

We asked some alumni a few questions about their learning experience at the Institute and how this helped bridge their connection to others. Thank you Anahita, Richard, Fernanda, and Hilsa for sharing your beautiful stories. 

Anahita Moghaddem

CPP, 2018

I have become aware of the delicate balancing act of being human, and therefore feel more capable of holding my own suffering and the suffering of others a little more lightly, and perhaps also, a little more kindly.

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Richard Williams

CPP, 2023

Nalanda Institute attracted me for the diverse faculty; and the loud and unapologetic commitment to compassionate transformation, community, and change.
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Fernanda Castellano

CPP in Spanish and Portuguese, 2023

The cutting edge work Nalanda Institute offers inspired me to put in action my feelings and hopes that we can make real change…

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O trabalho de vanguarda que o Instituto Nalanda oferece me inspirou a colocar em ação meus sentimentos e esperanças de que podemos fazer mudanças reais...
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Hilsa Ayonayon

CPP, 2023

The access to direct wisdom teachings from so many wonderful teachers, a focus on integrating learning with practice, an emphasis on cultivating trust and nonjudgmental openness, and a supportive community of Dharma friends provided me with a safe refuge...

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You may also send a check payable to “Nalanda Institute” to 300 Central Park West, Suite 1D, New York, NY 10024.

Gathering to Celebrate Our Shared Humanity

What better way to celebrate our shared humanity than to come together in community! Please join us in-person or online on Thursday, December 21st, for a special evening of, connection, gratitude, and celebration. 


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You may also send a check payable to “Nalanda Institute” to 300 Central Park West, Suite 1D, New York, NY 10024.

Nalanda Institute is a contemplative learning community of people devoted to transforming their lives, supporting others in changing themselves and working together to better care for the world we share. It was founded by Academic Director Joe Loizzo, MD, PhD, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and Columbia-trained Buddhist scholar with over forty years experience studying the beneficial effects of contemplative practices.

Our programs blend university-level rigorous content with the experiential practices needed for self and societal transformation. The educational experience is designed to be communal, impactful, and practical which means students begin to process and implement what they learn from their first day of instruction.