Meditation Offerings

Lunchtime Monday through Friday open meditation: During the week we offer a mid-day pause to refresh (1:00–1:45pm online). All levels are welcome. View our calendar for details and registration.

Mondays: Collective Compassion with Alexa Owen
Tuesdays: Self-Compassion for Every Body with Nina Herzog and Mar Aige (alternating Tuesdays)
Mindfulness with Marianne Gunther
Thursdays: Embodied Mindfulness with Heather Shaw
Fridays: Loving-Kindness with Rachel Hammerman

Alexa Owen

Life is inherently relational; what I love about group meditation practice is that it offers us the opportunity to be in ever-deepening relationship with ourselves, each other, and our shared common humanity.
Alexa Owen

For me, there is no more potent antidote to these deeply disquieting, often infuriating times. These practices help me settle, focus on our shared humanity, refill my compassion tanks, and regain perspective — the perspective that truly wants for myself, and all beings, to be peaceful, healthy, happy and free.
— Nina Herzog

Mar Aige

Coming together in group practice cultivates warmth, insight, and the
opportunity to begin again!

— Mar Aige

Lunchtime meditation offers one the precious opportunity to share our practice with each other. Setting our intention to breathe, deepen our awareness and enter into the present moment, the illusion of separation is lifted.
— Marianne Gunther

By simply holding space each week in this community, I feel held as well.
— Heather Shaw

rachel hammerman

On Fridays we practice Loving-Kindness for ourselves and for all of life. We focus on and cultivate the good as a community, radiating kindness towards ourselves and over the entire world.
— Rachel Hammerman