Meditation Teacher Training

Meditation Teacher Training

Join our Meditation Teacher Training and earn a certificate from Nalanda Institute.


Our Meditation Teacher Training offers tracks in both Mindfulness & Loving-kindness and Compassion and provides extraordinary opportunities to advance your practice while developing your teaching skills — with expert instructors who specialize in the combination of meditation, Buddhism, the art of teaching, and the latest in neuropsychology.

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The Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science presents the most rigorous yet accessible meditation teacher training programs offered in New York City.

Graduates of each of the 100-hour teacher trainings receive a certificate for teaching Mindfulness & Loving-kindness meditation and / or Compassion meditation by the Nalanda Institute.

  • A stunning visual reminder to ‘breathe in’ and ‘breathe out.’

Who is this training for?

This training is for coaches, teachers, caregiving professionals, yoga instructors, or anyone who is looking to immerse themselves in the theory and practice of meditation.


Meditation Teacher Training is offered in two complementary, but independent tracks. One is dedicated to Mindfulness & Loving-kindness Meditation and the other in Compassion Meditation.

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Mindfulness & Loving-kindness Meditation

Through immersion in experiential learning and reflection, committed personal practice and supervised teaching practice, participants will:

• understand the science and practice of mindfulness meditation
• learn the insights and methods of mindfulness for self-healing
• explore the healing power of loving-kindness meditation
• build confidence leading mindfulness and loving-kindness practice

Compassion Meditation

Through immersion in experiential learning and reflection, committed personal practice and supervised teaching practice, participants will:

• review the basic insights and methods of mindful self-healing
• survey the four key principles of compassion training — unbiased empathy, self-transcendence, universal compassion, and altruism
• learn the four main practices aligned with them: equalizing self and other, self-compassion, giving and taking, and exchanging self-enclosure for altruism
• build confidence leading compassion meditation practice


Each training for certification runs for 12 weeks, once a year. Students attend 12 Wednesday evening workshops (6:15–8:30) and 4 half-day Saturday (or Sunday) retreats in New York City. Plase note: this program is on a temporary hiatus until we can safely meet in person.


Director: Joe Loizzo, MD, PhD

Coordinator: Megan Mook, MA

Faculty: Geri Loizzo; Joe Loizzo, MD, PhD; Megan Mook, MA; Pooja Amy Shah, MD and Scott Tusa

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What people are saying

Recent graduates of this training said:

  • “I made new friends, gained a fresh perspective and gathered the inspiration to teach and share my path with others.”
  • “My meditation practice has completely transformed.”
  • “I am so much more confident in my own practice and myself in general.”
  • “It was a wonderful experience last year. I learned tons in unexpected ways and I felt guided by very knowledgeable guides with deeply-grounded practices learned from true-lineage teachers of their own. I whole-heartedly recommend this wonderful program!”

Application information / Contact

Meditation Teacher Training will resume as soon as we can safely meet in person.

For inquiries, please contact Geri Loizzo at


The Nalanda Institute staff brought a wealth of material, experience and knowledge for the benefit of us all.

— Student, first graduating class