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Mindful Business & Leadership

The new science and practice of more conscious and purposeful leadership


Beyond just new thinking and skills, leadership now is about harnessing our full potential as humans to lead with clarity, authenticity and fearlessness so we can build more equitable organizations and be more responsible stewards of our future and the planet.

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Our comprehensive approach prepares individuals and organizations to reduce work stress, enhance wellness, optimize performance, and increase engagement through sustainable human development. By integrating new science and proven methods, our intensive programs will empower you and your organization not just to transform the way you work but in so doing to spread change throughout your network, creating thriving and responsible communities and shaping the course of our collective future.

Integrating neuroscience, positive psychology, leadership principles and the path of transformation we train in mindful self-awareness, authentic engagement and embodied flow, and practice proven techniques to enhance and sustain well-being and effectiveness. Applying systems theory and the science of social engagement, we access the power of group coherence, and teach proven methods to optimize organizational excellence.

  • 2016 Mindful Leadership weekend at Menla Mountain Retreat.


Our offerings are designed to be delivered in person and virtually, through intensive workshops and residential retreats, as well as through one-on-one executive coaching. They target personal and team development, organizational wellness, mindfulness and compassionate training, and can be customized to your needs. Our most complete offering, Boundless Leadership, is a 6-month live, online program. We offer:

  • Boundless Leadership
  • Workshops, weekend immersions, and multi-day retreats
  • On-site workplace programs of 4-weeks, full-day, and half-day durations
  • Custom programs including retreats, HR initiatives, wellness, and talent development
  • Mindfulness-based and compassion-based executive coaching

Who are these programs for?

Our programs are for any professional, leader, or manager looking to sustainably enhance their performance, their organization, or their team. The programs feature a range of offerings that are tailored for: CEOs, entrepreneurs, department heads and managers, consultants, coaches and others intent on reducing work stress and improving performance while making a positive impact on the world.


Workshops, immersions and retreats are offered throughout the year. On-site workplace programs, special programs and coaching are by arrangement. Boundless Leadership is an open online program offered once a year, but can be customized as a closed organizational offering.

More about Boundless Leadership

Our Boundless Leadership program is a live, online multi-disciplinary, transformational approach refined and tested over ten years. This systematic program merges three emerging fields of know-how into three disciplines—of mind, heart and body—that cultivate the three key traits of Boundless Leadership:

The Architecture of the Boundless Leadership Program:

Registration is open for Boundless Leadership 2022
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Director: Elazar Aslan, MBA, PCC

Faculty: Elazar Aslan, MBA, PCC; Vance LaVelle, MBA; and Joe Loizzo, MD, PhD

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What people are saying

Recent graduates of this training said:

  • This course definitely changed the way I think. I find myself using these newly acquired “tools” when I’m under stress. Plus I’m more mindful of others.
  • This course is life changing. The instructors are amazing and personable. The weekly sessions were engaging and interesting. I wholeheartedly recommend this course. 
  • I took the class because I was feeling stuck in my career and uninspired. This course made me look closely at how I show up as a leader today, and paint a picture of how I want to show up as a leader in the future.


To arrange special programs and coaching, or for additional information, please contact Elazar Aslan, elazar@nalandainstitute.org

The course was amazing. The teachers broke this heavy learning down in a way that was easy to absorb. The group and leaders were all very supportive.

— Business executive, leadership retreat participant

This course is a transformative journey from your core to your outer shell, in which you have the opportunity to learn, practice and live out who you are as a leader, from a space of confidence, clarity and compassion.

— Boundless Leadership participant