Mindful Families and Schools Program

Mindful Families & Schools

Mindful awareness and empathy training for children, their families and their educators to live and learn with awareness, acceptance and ease.


Nalanda Institute’s Mindful Families & Schools combines timeless contemplative practices, such as mindfulness, with breakthroughs in developmental psychology and brain science to meet the growing needs of parents and educators seeking alternatives to diagnostic labels and drug treatments to address children’s learning challenges and developmental differences.

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We introduce children and parents to a complete toolkit of simple practices proven to increase attention, expand working memory, build executive function, and cultivate emotional regulation, empathy, social engagement, and creativity. Beyond helping children and parents, our offerings are also designed to help educators and schools create sustainable ways to prevent teacher burnout and to empower children to build their strengths and overcome challenges that stem from developmental and learning differences.

  • Bart van Melik and Sonia Sequeira lead a family workshop.

Who is this program for?

  • Children with attention challenges, social challenges, and learning differences, along with their families
  • Parents seeking a contemplative way of life for their children and themselves
  • Educators and schools seeking to develop and implement mindful learning programs
  • Caregivers and therapists seeking to integrate mindful alternatives into their practice

Participation / Offerings

  • Workshops for children and their families, to introduce mindfulness in a brief experiential learning format
  • Home visits for children and their families, to introduce mindful ways of being in the home to support the development of a mindful family
  • School presentations for faculty meetings and school assemblies, customized to introduce mindfulness in public and private schools with a panel of multi-disciplinary experts
  • Customized schools programs for faculty and students in public and private schools, to integrate mindfulness into their ongoing curriculum


Director: Geri Loizzo

Faculty: Geri Loizzo; Helen Park, MSW; Sonia Sequeira, PhD; and Bart van Melik, MA

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What people are saying

“Some of the simple movements and meditations were helpful for me to understand how to translate practices for children.”

— Julie, parent, workshop attendee

”Family coloring was very peaceful, and so were the breathing exercises.”

— Petah, parent, workshop attendee

“It was super fun.”

—anonymous, workshop attendee


To arrange school presentations, customized school programs, home visits, or for additional information, please contact Geri Loizzo, geri@nalandainstitute.org

Workshop photos by Darren Ornitz

I enjoyed this workshop and think it’s important to tackle stress in tweens.

— Lucia, age 11,
workshop attendee