Nalanda Legacy


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The Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science was inspired by the Monastic University of Nalanda, the world’s first university and the first institution of higher learning to offer public education in the health and mind sciences.

Founded in the fifth century to advance the Buddha’s mission to end suffering, Nalanda University spread the civilizing arts and sciences of ancient India throughout the world.

With its curriculum set by the great physician-philosopher Nagarjuna, Nalanda quickly grew to include seven colleges, an infirmary, an observatory, three libraries, numerous chapels and shrines and its own farms, accommodating up to ten thousand students, faculty and staff. Its scientific tradition was preserved in the colleges and medical schools of Tibet, a time-capsule for the world’s oldest systems of integrative medicine and positive psychology.

Transplanted back into India after the 1959 Chinese invasion, this rich legacy has been seeding Western psychology and healthcare for years and has taken root in the New World at Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science.

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