Offerings for Uncertain Times

Editor’s Note: During the pandemic, we offered meditations, lectures, and even a full course to our community. We also began gathering via Zoom on the second Friday of each month. You will find an archive of these offerings and documentation of our gatherings below.

In May of 2021, we transitioned from Gatherings in Uncertain Times to Community Gatherings. We meet the second Friday of each month. Sign up for our email list to stay informed.

In the spirit of turning adversity to advantage, we’d like to share some inspiring teachings from our classes, guided meditations, and events. Subscribe to our email list (see below) and/or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to be notified about new teachings and events as they become available.

All of the offerings presented here are freely-offered in the spirit of healing and self-care in these uncertain times. Donations are gratefully accepted.

Online Gatherings / Talks

Universal Contemplative Education for an Equitable, Sustainable Future: Our 12th Gathering in Uncertain Times

We met on March 12th for a special gathering with Shartse Khensur Jangchub Choeden, who offered perspective and wisdom on our current crisis from the point of view of Buddhist mind science. View the video documentation.

Envisioning the Medicine Planet: Our 11th Gathering in Uncertain Times

On February 12th for an online gathering and dialogue with special guest, elder teacher, and climate activist of the Anishinaabe people of Manitoba, Elder Dr. Dave Courchene. View the video documentation.

Coming Together in Uncertain Times: Meet Our Nalanda Institute Fellows

On December 11th, we held our 10th Gathering in Uncertain Times. We came together as a community to get to know three of our first Nalanda Fellows, Ann Campbell, Yuria Celidwan, and Maria Thorin. View the video documentation.

Moving Forward After the Election

Drs. Doris Chang, Pilar Jennings, Joe Loizzo, and Jasmine Syedullah shared their wisdom and experiences with us at this pivotal time, for our 9th online gathering on November 13th. View the video documentation.

Coming Together in Uncertain Times: How We Grow the Compassion to Heal

Our 8th online gathering took place on October 9th with Joe Loizzo in dialog with CBRT faculty Fiona Brandon and Moustafa Abdelrahman. View the video documentation.

Wake Up and Be the Future: Embodying Transformation Through Uncertain Times

Our 7th online gathering took place on August 14th with Dr. Joe Loizzo in dialog with Chantelle Brown and focused on the work we have ahead of us to achieve social justice as well as personal transformation. View the video documentation.

Cultivating Community in Our Divisive Age: Growing Together Through Uncertain Times

For our 6th online gathering and discussion on July 10, Dr. Joe Loizzo explored how our current struggles divide us and how we must all learn to thrive together based on Shakyamuni’s teaching that real personal freedom requires an inclusive community. View the video documentation.

Don’t Just Sit There, Take a Stand: Coming Together in Uncertain Times

June 12th marked our 5th online gathering with Dr. Joe Loizzo. Joe shared ideas about spiritual practice as it interfaces with political justice with the intended result being a refuge for all and a means to disrupt the systemic violence of our larger community. View the video documentation.

See also Dr. Loizzo’s blog post on this topic.

Coming to Life in Uncertain Times

Our May 15, 2020 global gathering featured a talk by Dr. Joe Loizzo that focused on the hopeful vision of the Kalachakra — the Transformational Clockwork that has the power to bend the curve of our lives, societies, and planet towards a more sustainable, convivial future. View the video documentation.

Sustaining Motivation and Purpose: Coming Together in Uncertain Times

On May 1st, 2020, Nalanda Institute hosted an online gathering with Director Dr. Joe Loizzo that allowed us to share our experience, strength, and hope as a community. In the lecture portion of the evening, Joe explored ways to maintain our practice in these times of uncertainty. View the video documentation.

Turning the Mind Towards Practice: Coming Together in Uncertain Times

In this April 17th talk and online gathering, Dr. Joe Loizzo described how we might apply the insights and methods of the Nalanda tradition to override our survival mode, turn our minds towards compassion, and build resilience. Listen to the audio documentation.

Compassion and Resilience: Coming Together in Uncertain Times

In this April 3rd talk and online gathering, Dr. Joe Loizzo shared how we might apply the evidence-based insights and practices of Compassion-Based Resilience Training to mindfully disarm stress, expand and deepen compassion, and build resilience.  View the video documentation.

Other Offerings

Radical Dharma as Compassion Practice

For this offering, we present a talk given by Lama Rod Owens to our Contemplative Psychotherapy Program. In these videos, Lama Rod peels away the layers of our own suffering, and shows us how we can take refuge in our ancestors to resist systemic oppression and continue our personal and communal healing. View the talk

Course 1 in our Sustainable Happiness Program: Stop Surviving and Start Thriving

This first course with Dr. Joe Loizzo covers the foundations of contemplative self-healing in the Buddhist tradition: the healing insights of Buddha’s four noble truths; the four applications of mindfulness practice; and the life-strategies of loving-kindness, right livelihood, and non-violent social activism. We are offering this pre-recorded six-session course in the spirit of healing and resilience in these troubling days of the pandemic. We hope you’ll find it useful for yourself and for others. View the course

Guided Meditations for Compassion and Resilience

As the pandemic continues to cause major shifts in our daily lives, we’re offering a series of 10 guided meditations as potential aids for coping with these uncertain times. Please use them for your own sake and for the good of all. Listen online or download for later

Lunchtime Meditation

Our popular Lunchtime Meditation continues online via Zoom Monday through Friday from 1:00–1:45pm EDT. It is freely offered with a suggested donation. View our calendar for details

Introduction to Mindful Self-Compassion

Our first offering is a talk given by Chris Germer to our Contemplative Psychotherapy Program last Fall. Chris is one of the pioneering teachers of self-compassion and a wonderfully warm and uplifting speaker. In this class, Chris describes how to take a self-compassion break — a  bit of guidance it seems we all need to hear right now! View the talk

In Response

Read Dr. Joe Loizzo’s original response to the pandemic on March 12th, 2020.