Coming Together in Uncertain Times: How We Grow the Compassion to Heal

Part of Nalanda Institute’s Offerings for Uncertain Times

Our eighth Gathering In Uncertain Times was a heartfelt dialog with Nalanda Institute faculty members Moustafa Abdelrahman, Fiona Brandon, and Joe Loizzo.

In our surreal new normal of social distancing and Zoom fatigue, we face a protracted struggle against inequity and feel the social fabric of our nation wearing thin. How do we deepen our caring connection and strengthen our capacity for resilience and repair when our days are trapped behind screens and masks and the world around us is literally going up in smoke? For this special evening, Moustafa and Fiona shared how they cope in these times by utilizing compassion and wisdom.

All of our Offerings for Uncertain Times are offered freely. A donation of any kind is warmly welcomed.

Opening Meditation


Closing Meditation