Radical Dharma as Compassion Practice with Lama Rod Owens

Part of Nalanda Institute’s Offerings for Uncertain Times

We’re pleased to share with you this special class from the Compassion Year of our  Contemplative Psychotherapy Program, which was taught by our dear friend and teacher, Lama Rod Owens.

In this freely-offered lecture, Lama Rod peels away the layers of our own suffering, and shows us how we can take refuge in our ancestors to resist systemic oppression and continue our personal and communal healing. Please enjoy this beautiful experience.

Learn more about Lama Rod and his newest book, Love and Rage: The Path of Liberation through Anger on his website, lamarod.com

Learn more about the Contemplative Psychotherapy Program.

This lecture is offered freely. A donation of any kind is warmly welcomed.


Opening Meditation

Lecture Part 1

Lecture Part 2