Universal Contemplative Education for an Equitable, Sustainable Future

Part of Nalanda Institute’s Offerings for Uncertain Times

On Friday, March 12th, Nalanda Institute hosted the 12th online Gathering in Uncertain Times, entitled Universal Contemplative Education for an Equitable, Sustainable Future.

We were honored to have Shartse Khensur Rinpoche Jangchup Choeden join us from India. In light of the pandemic, he offered a much-needed perspective on how the dominant culture of the modern West has created the complex crisis we’re in and how the Buddhist mind science tradition can help awaken our Buddha-potential — for thriving together with all life on earth, and to guide us towards the new way of being and living we need today.

All of our Offerings for Uncertain Times are offered freely. A donation of any kind is warmly welcomed.

We apologize for the audio quality at the start of the video. Unfortunately, we experienced technical issues during our gathering.