Welcome! We are a training ground where East meets West; science meets spirituality; competitiveness meets compassion; and knowledge meets practice.

We are a global learning community for those seeking the in-depth training and ongoing support needed to fully integrate evidence-based meditation practices and time-tested contemplative insights into their lives.

We offer a variety of programs, trainings, open meditations and learning resources, in various formats and lengths, available both in-person and online.

All of our programs are designed to provide the insights, skills and practices a person needs to thrive at home, at work, at school, in community, and all together in our interdependent world.

Our core programs include:

Sustainable Happiness Program

Four-year training in contemplative science and practice to thrive in our interdependent world.

• attend by the class (drop-ins welcome)
• attend by the semester
• attend for entire four-year program
• certificate available for those who meet the requirements
• in-person in New York City every spring and fall
• online options available

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Contemplative Psychotherapy Program

Two-year training integrating time-tested mindfulness and compassion practices in Buddhist psychology with evidence-based Western psychotherapy and neuropsychology.

• attend by year (either one or both years)
• by application only
• certificate(s) available for those who meet the requirements
• in-person in New York City with in-person satellite programs in Barcelona, Mexico, San Francisco and Toronto once a year
• online streaming and study-at-home options available

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Mindful Business & Leadership

Training mind, heart, and body for peak performance

• public workshops/retreats usually offered twice a year
• in-house programs by arrangement.

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Mindful Families & Schools

Mindful awareness and empathy training for children, families and educators to live and learn with awareness, acceptance and ease.

• workshops
• family home visits by appointment
• school presentations
• customized educator training

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Compassion-Based Resilience Training

Training for well-being, engagement, and purpose: learning to live mindfully and compassionately, with resilience, perspective and energy.

• 8-week course of study and/or
• teacher training
• by registration for the full course
• in-person

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Meditation Teacher Training

Become a certified meditation teacher:

• 3-month intensive certification program offered twice a year in two different modalities
• in-person in New York City
• by application only

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Yoga, Mind & Spirit Training

Advanced teacher training in the embodied science and meditative arts of Indian yoga and Buddhist psychology.

• 6-weekend intensive training (100-hour)
• in-person in New York City
• by registration for the full training
• certificate

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