Year-end Fundraising Drive 2020

Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science

An end-of-year message from Dr. Joe Loizzo, Founder & Director of the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science:

Dear Friends of Nalanda Institute,

As the leaves turn along the Hudson, in any normal year, it would be time for me to reach out to you about the Institute’s Year-End Fundraising Drive. But this has been anything but a normal year. Among the unprecedented losses the pandemic has exacted was our Annual Spring Benefit, that special time when Geri and I so relish seeing you and celebrating our graduates, accomplishments, and shared vision as a community.

So now, not only must our Year-End Drive serve as our one fundraiser for 2020, it must also help the Institute sustain the loss of programs cancelled due to COVID-19, as well as a whole range of unexpected costs:

  • moving our key programs entirely online
  • offering more scholarships in all programs for students from sectors and countries hard hit by the pandemic
  • sharing a wide array of special free online offerings:
  • Lunchtime Meditation Series
  • COVID Support Meetings for Breast Cancer Survivors and the Prostate Cancer Group at Weill-Cornell
  • Online Gatherings in Uncertain Times
  • Free Offerings for Uncertain Times

Remarkably, this strange time has also brought dramatic growth in our programming and community. Given the rising demand for rigorous and transformative online learning, our network has become larger, more diverse, and more global than ever. With this expanded reach, we’ve also been challenged to enrich our online learning platforms, including building an enhanced Teacher Training platform for Compassion-Based Resilience Training, and a tri-lingual Spanish-Portuguese-English platform for our Contemplative Psychotherapy Program. And, we have embarked upon a working partnership with a contemplative diversity leader towards building more equity into our curriculum.

Of course, without your continued engagement and generosity, we can’t continue to sustain our free offerings, enriched online programming, expanded outreach and scholarships, or fund our planned 2021 Nalanda Fellowships in Healthcare Equity, Clinical Research, Humanitarian Aid, much less realize our historic potential to ignite positive personal, interpersonal, organizational and social change in this pivotal time.

• • •

That is why we have set our sights for this Year-End Drive on a goal of raising $100,000!

Some of you have already contributed to support our initiatives for COVID relief, and we thank you wholeheartedly for your generosity! Yet as we face this unprecedented crisis and move to meet the enormous opportunity it offers, we ask you to consider reprising or even increasing your total 2019 giving in this Year-End Drive.

Remember, your engagement and support is what allows us to continue our enriched programming, scholarships, fellowships and free offerings, as well to keep growing our reach and impact, so we are incredibly grateful for any gift no matter how small.

• • •

According to the Nalanda tradition’s Clockwork prophecy (Kalachakra), through a twenty-first century apocalypse of culture wars, leaders trained in contemplative science will spread globally to spark the transformation of all humans into Buddhas, all societies into liberative democracies, and our whole, endangered earth into a medicine planet!

Now is the time for us to more clearly understand, more deeply embody and more widely share the hidden treasure of the Nalanda legacy, to reenvision and recreate ourselves, our Institute community, and our divided world as awakened Spheres of Well-Being (Shambhala).

Please join us! Please help our community envision and embody a whole new world!

With boundless gratitude,

Joe Loizzo, MD, PhD
Founder & Director