Yoga, Mind and Spirit Training

Yoga, Mind & Spirit Training

Advanced training in the embodied science and meditative arts 
of Indian Yoga and Buddhist Psychology


Nalanda Institute’s unprecedented advanced training in Yoga, Mind & Spirit explores the embodied science and meditative arts of Indian Yoga and Buddhist Psychology, in light of cutting edge health science, neuroscience, and contemporary psychology.

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This training combines the study of traditional texts on yoga philosophy, psychology, and practice, with a grounding in the neuropsychology and mind/body health benefits of yoga practice.

Expert scholar-practitioners fluent in cutting edge science and timeless Indic traditions will explore the impact of Hindu and Buddhist methodologies on the human body, mind and spirit in daily life.

Upon completion of this advanced 100-hour certification teacher training, students receive a certificate from the Yoga Alliance and Nalanda Institute.

  • Mary Reilly Nichols and Joe Loizzo.

Who is this training for?

This training is for yoga teachers, yoga therapists and yoga-oriented psychotherapists seeking to immerse themselves in the scientific, psychological, and philosophical depths of India’s timeless arts of embodied contemplative living and learning.


A six-weekend intensive course taken in person at Pure Yoga in New York City.


This training prepares serious yoga practioners to complete their posture practice and teaching with the lesser known, more advanced psychological, contemplative, and spiritual arts and sciences of yoga. Offering an unprecedented integration of cutting-edge neuroscience and contemporary psychotherapy with yogic meditation techniques and the main textual classics of the threefold yoga canon, this advanced training helps participants take their yoga practice and teaching to the next level.

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Combining a pioneering core faculty with visiting researchers and scholars, Friday talks explore the vital relevance and benefits of the three great yoga vehicles—Hatha, Bhakti, and Tantra; Saturday intensives link modern science with yogic wisdom; while Sunday intensives cover advanced techniques of breath-control, embodied meditation skills, and transformative yoga pedagogy.

Weekend 1: Stop Surviving and Start Thriving

Weekend 2: Healing the Trauma of Everyday Life

Weekend 3: Thou Art That

Weekend 4: Expand Your Horizons

Weekend 5: Follow Your Bliss

Weekend 6: Embody Bliss Mastery

What people are saying

“This training took my practice — and my life — to a whole different level. I learned about many wisdom traditions, old and new, from East and West. I finished this course with a lighter heart and a fabulous set of tools to help keep it that way. I feel more flexible, more optimistic, more joyful. All in all an enormously valuable experience. Thank you Nalanda Institute!”

— Susan Brandwyn

“I wanted to thank you for a deeply rich and meaningful weekend. I feel grateful for the opportunity to be learning with you, and am so happy I chose this path of teacher training. You all inspire me with your wisdom, knowledge, dedication, and the generosity of your teaching. I look forward to next month’s meeting.”

— Alexandra Mor


Coordinator: Geri Loizzo

Core Faculty: Joe Loizzo, MD, PhD and Mary Reilly Nichols

Visiting Faculty: Jacob Kyle, MSc, MA;  Sonia Sequeira, PhD; and Kristen Rae Stevens, BFA, AyP, E-Ryt 500

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Geri Loizzo:


We explored many of the classic yoga texts in an intimate setting with Mary Reilly Nichols’ wise guidance. Mary is an embodiment of love, and through her energy and teachings, I was successful in establishing a more devotional aspect to my practice. This transformative and inspiring course will be of great benefit to those looking to enrich their own practice and teaching with philosophical insights, neuroscience, and Bhakti!

—Erica Saccante