Firdevs Burcak

firdevs burcak

Firdevs Burcak, PhD, is a scientist specializing in Early Childhood Education, with a doctorate from Hacettepe University. As a Visiting Scholar at the University of Minnesota Duluth during her PhD, she delved into research focusing on nature’s impact on children’s social-emotional skills, notably resilience. Dr. Burcak is dedicated to advancing resilience, well-being, and social-emotional learning through nature, offering seminars and workshops for educators, parents, and leaders. Her commitment to cultivating resilience extends beyond academia, as she passionately fosters it within educational environments and among individuals outside the realm of education. Dr. Burcak is the author of the book chapter “Nature and Resilience” and the book “Outdoor Learning Environments in Early Childhood Education: Design & Effective Use,” published in Turkish.
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