Six Guided Meditations by Dr. Joe Loizzo

These six guided meditations, recorded by Dr. Joe Loizzo, are a sampling of meditations meant to support the horizons of contemplative learning and meditative practice that make up the gradual path to freedom and happiness taught in the Nalanda tradition.

These are the same horizons of learning and practice covered in all of the Nalanda Institute offerings, including the Contemplative Psychotherapy Program, Compassion-Based Resilience Training (CBRT), and more.

Meditation Graphic


Brief Practice of Equal Empathy [10:06 min]

This basic compassion practice uses mindful awareness and insight to expose and clear the innate and learned biases which trigger reactive clinging, confusion, and anger. In place of reactive bias and habit it focuses on equal empathy that helps cultivate healing emotions of pure love, human kindness and compassion, tolerance and acceptance.


Body of Light: Mindfulness of the Breathing Body [18:16 min]

Covers the basic mindfulness of the body as taught in the Indo-Tibetan tradition, starting with mindfulness of the breath, moving through mindfulness of the breathing body, and culminating in contemplating the breath-body of light.


Brief Mindfulness: Breath Awareness for Daily Life [10:55 min]

Covers mindfulness of the breathing body, cultivating the “body of light,” and using mindfulness of the breath as a way to tap into clarity and calm in the midst of everyday life.


Balanced Sensitivity: Mindfulness of Sensation [31:11 min]

Reviews body mindfulness and expands it to include mindful awareness of the raw feel of living in a sensitive body-mind that experiences the full range of sensations from more or less pleasant, through indifferent, neutral or numb, to more or less painful.


Deep Mindfulness: Mindfulness of the Primal Mind [22:46 min]

Reviews body mindfulness and balanced sensitivity and then opens up to include the normally unconscious flow of pure awareness which lies deep below the surface contents of thoughts, images and emotions, as the wellspring and primal process of mind.


Open Mind, Warm Heart: Clearing the Mind for Social Life [12:58 min]

Covers the path of positive social engagement through clearing the mind of the reactive childhood self and fostering a proactive parenting self through building tolerance of others’ distress and exercising our natural social emotions of love, care, joy and equanimity.

Image courtesy Daniel Hakansson