We offer a wide range of in-depth programs, short courses, open meditations and immersive retreats, each tailored to the needs of diverse seekers from all walks of life. All our offerings integrate contemplative wisdom with psychological insight, meditation with neuroscience, emerging theories with practical application and contemplative ethics with the pursuit of deep equity and a just world, to nurture an open mind, warm heart, enlivened body and altruistic way of being.

We are a global contemplative learning community for those seeking to transform their way of being, living and working through infusing timeless contemplative science, practice and ethics into their contemporary lives and our complex world.

Nalanda Institute strikes a balance between science, contemplation and action, critical inquiry and caring dialogue; fostering a rare safe and authentic community for the deep experiential learning people need to cultivate positive personal, interpersonal, institutional and sociocultural change.

At Nalanda Institute, we take great care to make all our offerings accessible to as many people from as many backgrounds as possible, and offer scholarship and work-study opportunities.

Whether you’re entirely new to contemplative learning or come with a strong lifelong practice, wherever you are on your life journey of awakening, we are here to help you go deeper and make the change you seek, possible. We invite you to review the program descriptions below, and/or visit our program pages to learn more. Please join us on our communal journey to individual and collective transformation, belonging and flourishing.

Core Programs

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Contemplative Psychotherapy Program 

A 3-year training integrating time-tested mindfulness, compassion and embodiment practices, Buddhist psychology and ethics, with contemporary psychotherapy, current neuropsychology, and the ethics of social justice. The faculty is comprised of eminent Buddhist Scholar-practitioners, leading contemplative social justice scholar-activists, cutting-edge contemplative neuroscience researchers, and renowned contemplative clinicians.

  • Divided into three 9-month courses in the science, practice and ethics of mindfulness, compassion and embodiment. Students are not required to take all three courses and may focus on the courses that’s most relevant to their life.
  • The cohort is made up of a diverse group of mental health professionals, caregivers, coaches, healing arts providers, and a range of others all united in their commitment to personal and social growth and well-being.
  • Programs involve some combination of live online meetings, asynchronous learning materials and live online or in-person retreats.
  • Programs run from September/October through May.
  • Available in Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Admittance by application.
Boundless Leadership

Boundless Leadership

A 6-month comprehensive course for anyone looking to have more clarity, compassion and purpose in their personal and/or professional life. Program is based on emerging leadership theories and the sciences of mind and body, with real-life case studies and practical applications for immediate benefit.

  • Gain clarity of mind for better decision making, deepen compassion for greater connection with coworkers, and develop embodied fearlessness for ease of being and flow.
  • Learn how to decrease stress and improve focus, work with difficult people, turn your inner critic into an inner coach, find your purpose and meaning among many other practical competencies.
  • Cohort is made up of a diverse group of senior to entry-level managers, HR professionals, coaches, and others looking for new ways to lead themselves and others.
  • Program includes live online weekly lesson-discussions, a student website with over 75 video teachings, peer and community support.
  • Course is offered once a year, starting in January/February.
  • Can be customized and adapted to meet the needs of a company or organization.
CBRT - Teacher Training

Compassion-Based Resilience Training

This comprehensive 8-week course combines skills taught separately in other trainings — mindfulness meditation, compassion meditation, imagery, breath-work and movement — giving you the tools needed to live a less stressful, more resilient, connected and purposeful life.

  • 4 weeks on the insights, science and practice of mindfulness followed by 4 weeks on the insights, science and practice of compassion for self and others.
  • Each weekly class on mindfulness and compassion touches on embodied practices including posture practice, breath-work, movement and self-massage.
  • Cohorts are comprised of mental health professionals, coaches, nurses and other caregivers, and a range of others looking to lead lives of greater resilience.
  • Weekly live online classes supported by student website with recorded class videos, guided meditations, and student manual.
  • Trainings offered at various times throughout the year at Nalanda Institute as well as through our network of CBRT certified teachers.
CBRT Teacher Training

CBRT Teacher Training 

Much more than a meditation teacher training, this comprehensive 8-month program gives students the knowledge, experience and confidence to teach mindfulness meditation, compassion meditation and embodiment practices, through mastering the evidence-based modular format of Compassion-Based Resilience Training (CBRT). Beyond learning to teach the training’s full set of practices, students will also learn to explain how they work in terms of current neuroscience and to frame the healing insights that guide them in light of the new positive psychology.

The program is divided into two levels:

Level 1:

  • 5-month intensive that includes weekly live online lectures, larger group discussions, breakout groups and practice sessions with peers.
  • Dedicated student website with online class videos, recorded guided meditations, student manual, and supplementary scientific and scholarly readings.
  • Cohort is comprised of a diverse group of mental health professionals, coaches, HR professionals, and others interested in offering contemplative training. 
  • Offered once per year beginning in May/June.

Level 2:

  • 3-month supervision program in which graduates of Level 1 get guidance and support setting up and leading their own 8-week CBRT group.
  • Students receive 3 group supervisions and 1 one-on-one supervision with core CBRT faculty. 
  • Students are required to write a short paper describing their experience of running their group.
  • Graduates of Level 2 are certified as CBRT Teachers and become part of the Certified CBRT Teacher Network.

Short Courses, Workshops, Retreats, and Affinity Groups

Short Courses

We offer 3-week short courses throughout the year designed to meet the needs of beginner, intermediate and advanced students. Offerings are grouped along themes related to cultivating wisdom, ethics and practice and include classes in Buddhist psychology, love and relationship, contemplative arts, social justice, and many other themes.

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½ day – multiday retreats are offered at various times during the year both in-person, online, and hybrid. Topics span the breadth of the Institute’s curriculum covering wisdom, ethics, and practice. Past examples include: Mindful self-compassion, transcendent insight and deep healing; Cultivating Gratitude; and Embodying the Inconceivable Liberation: The Non-Dual Wisdom and Art of Growing Altruistic Community.

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90-minute – multi day workshops are offered to groups and organizations throughout the year. Topics are designed to help teams work more collaboratively and include Giving and Receiving Feedback, Authentic Engagement, Empowered Responsibility, Peak Performance Under Pressure, Making Better Decisions, and Boundless Teams. Please contact Elazar Aslan, Director of Boundless Leadership, at elazar@nalandainstitute.org to learn more. 

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Affinity Groups

Nalanda Institute offers free access to white, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and men’s affinity groups. These groups meet monthly to provide support, deepen understanding, and embody the vital work of each group. For the BIPOC group, contact: chantelle@nalandainstitute.org; for the WAG group, contact: geri@nalandainstitute.org; and for the LGBTQ+ contact: moustafa@nalandainstitute.org; for the undoing patriarchy group contact: joe@nalandainstitute.org

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