Gina de la Chesnaye

Gina de la Chesnaye, MPH in Global Public Health is the Mindfulness Course Instructor for the Surgical Residency Physician Assistant at Yale Medical School / Norwalk Hospital and is the Founder and Director of The Nachan Project which serves the Karamojong women and children of the Katwe slums in Kampala, Uganda and offers Mindfulness and Trauma Management Trainings to social workers, street counsellors, trauma therapists and caregivers throughout East Africa.

Gina is also a core faculty member of Second Response which tends to the emotional and psychological needs of people exposed to trauma, providing body-centered methods to relieve the harmful effects of stress, distress and trauma. She has served as key faculty for The Lineage Project, bringing mindfulness based practices to youth in residential incarceration sites, detention centers, homeless shelters and suspension schools for more than a decade.

Meditation Faculty.